Interested to learn more about the great AdvoCare products and business opportunity?   Please a few minutes reviewing the information below and then shoot me an email or call me on my cell 704-421-4141 (before 10:00 PM EST please).  If you know you want to sign up now to take advantage of the 20% distributor discount this page provides step by step directions on how to become an AdvoCare distributor.

Below I'll explain in very crystal clear direct language the 4 ways to engage with AdvoCare and the 5 ways you can earn money if you want to become an AdvoCare Advisor.

There are 4 ways you can become involved with AdvoCare and their great products.

1) AdvoCare Retail Customer

Be a retail customer.  For this option you can simply click here to order AdvoCare products online from a distributor.  With this option you pay the retail price shown online and you can order as little as you want with no minimum order amount.

2) AdvoCare Wholesale Customer

You can pay a very small fee and become an AdvoCare Distributor and receive a 20% discount off the prices show on-line.  This is a smart option if you are planning to take the 24 Day Challenge with a spouse or family and friends and are buying 2 or more 24 Day Challenge bundles.  Here's how it works... you pay an upfront fee of $79.00 to become an AdvoCare wholesale customer or distributor.   This fee entitles you to get a full 20% off any and all AdvoCare products for a full year.

3) AdvoCare Distributor

Once you become an AdvoCare Distributor you can reach a 30% discount by meeting minimum order requirements on your way to becoming an AdvoCare Advisor, step 4.  So lets use an easy example of a husband and wife taking the challenge and getting fit together.  Each 24 Day Challenge starter kit retails for $180.00.  So 2 x 180 = $360 and 20% off $360 = $72.00 so the distributor or wholesale fee pays for itself on the first order.  Most people will see positive results after completing the 24 Day Challenge and will want to continue using Spark, the great tasting AdvoCare meal replacement bars and shakes, breakfast bars and supplements so paying the distributor fee upfront will usually represent cost savings in the future.  Becoming a distributor not only entitles you to buy AdvoCare products at wholesale prices but it also allows you to earn 20% of anyone who buys product from your personal AdvoCare distributor website at the retail price.  This distributor store front is set up for you by AdvoCare as soon as you pay the $79.00 distributor fee.  This is our AdvoCare distributor website.

4) AdvoCare Advisor

For those people who have completed the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and experienced first hand success and want to continue using the products for themselves and also share their success with family, friends and co-workers they have the option qualify to be an AdvoCare Advisor.  AdvoCare Distributors who choose to become an Advisor can now purchase their AdvoCare products at 40% off and more importantly earn that full 40% for any products ordered through their website or by word of mouth sales.

Contact me and I'll be glad to talk to you about the best way for you to get started on your journey to better physical and perhaps financial health.

Once you reach AdvoCare Advisor level you can earn money in many ways!

1) AdvoCare Retail Commissions

As mentioned above once you become an AdvoCare distributor the company provides you with your AdvoCare ID and your very own personal AdvoCare website.  Anyone, family, friends, co-workers that you send to your site that order AdvoCare products becomes your customer and you get paid between 20% and 40% depending on what level of distributor you are currently at.  These customers do not need to sign up or join AdvoCare they are just buying the great wellness products at the listed prices.  They of course have the same option of paying the distributor fee to get the 20% discount.

2) AdvoCare Wholesale Commissions

Once you reach Advisor status you would earn 40% on retail commissions but you would also earn wholesale commissions on sales from any distributors on your team that have yet to reach Advisor status.  So a distributor on your team that has qualified for 25% sells $100 worth of AdvoCare products.  They get their 25% and you, the Advisor, get the remaining 15% (or $15) of the 40% commission.   Of course this can add up as your team grows and you get more distributors improving their life and the lives of others.  You might be thinking it would be great to have only distributors on your team and not encourage your team members to qualify for Advisor status but you would be wrong.  It is true that once a distributor on your team reaches Advisor status (which they can do at anytime by meeting the minimum order requirements) that you will no longer receive wholesale commissions on orders from their team but that's good news and brings you to the next way to earn money with your AdvoCare business... Overrides.

3) AdvoCare Overrides

The model of a direct sales company is to encourage word of mouth sharing and personal marketing about your positive experiences with the product or service.  This is the case with AdvoCare and growth comes from developing Advisors who love the product and their improved health and fitness who then want to share their success with others.   Overrides are only available to Advisors that have at least one Advisor signed up underneath them.  You are eligible to earn up to 7% of all of the Business Volume (BV) that Advisor generates for 3 full levels of customers and distributors under your Advisors.  If you have several people underneath you that reach Advisor status and then grow their business this 7% override can add up to significant monthly earnings.   The best part of this is that these earnings represent residual income.  Once you have created your organization and your team grows and continues to spread the great benefits of using AdvoCare products and the associated business opportunity you will earn overrides on all shipped product coming from your Advisors.

4) AdvoCare Leadership Bonuses

As with all successful direct sales companies individuals who do well and grow their organizations are rewarded as they reach certain milestones.  Even first year AdvoCare Advisors are eligible to receive rookie bonuses that can be as high as $6000.00!  If you've made it this far you must think AdvoCare could be a good business opportunity, you're right it is, don't hesitate any longer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll show you how easy it is to get started.


Best Regards,

Jill Champlin



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