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Distributor pricing (20% discount) on 24 Day Challenge

Why pay retail when for $79.00 you get $50.00 worth of AdvoCare sample products plus 20% off your very first AdvoCare order and all future orders for a full year?  The only time it makes sense to pay the retail price is if you don't think you will order any more products and 20% of your first online order of Advocare products is much less than $79.00.  Otherwise it's a no-brainer even if you have zero intention of sharing AdvoCare with friends or family.  The upfront distributor fee to get Wholesale pricing on Advocare is no different then the annual membership fee you pay at Cosco or Sam's Club.  It provides you with the ability to buy consumable products for less than the general public.  There are no requirements to order more than you want and your distributor access ID will be valid for a full year.  No one will call you unless you specify that you are interested in learning more about the AdvoCare Business Opportunity.  We will simply send you an introductory email after your first purchase so you can have an AdvoCare coach ready and available should you have any questions about the products or 24 Day challenge rules or anything at all related to Advocare.  It's really a no-obligation, no-lose scenario if you are making a sizable first purchase with AdvoCare.

It's simple to become an AdvoCare distributor and get these great products at wholesale cost.  Just follow these 5 simple steps.  The first 3 are just clicking buttons on our AdvoCare Distributor website.  Start by clicking this link to become an AdvoCare Distributor, which we will open in a new window so you will still have these directions open in the background.

STEP 1: Once the new window open click the "Become a Distributor" link above the red arrow indicating step 1.  Next proceed to step 2 below...  Click the "Become a Distributor Today" button.

Step 1 to becoming an AdvoCare Distributor



STEP 2: On the next page read about the advantages, and no downside, to joining the AdvoCare team, even if you only want to buy products for yourself.  The distributor kit is a brand new benefit and contains information that will help you get started on your weight loss goals with AdvoCare.


Becoming and Advocare Distributor Step 2

STEP 3: Just another quick click to get to the form to enter in your information.


Becoming an AdvoCare Distributor Step 3


STEP 4: On this step you have to do a bit more than just read and click.  On this page you finally get to enter in your personal information and confirm.  A couple notes on this form.

  1. Note that the social security number is NOT a required field.  In today's Internet age it's wise to be careful with sensitive information which is why this field is not required.   However, understand that AdvoCare is a huge multi-million dollar business that has been around for more than a decade and is growing at a very fast rate.  They are a NASCAR sponsor, Drew Brees is their national spokesperson and they ship thousands of orders each and every day so rest assured that your information is safe and customer security is a top priority.  While you do need to provide your social security number to every receive any income from AdvoCare you do NOT need to enter it to receive your 20% discount so the choice is entirely yours.
  2. If you have a friend or relative that is already an Advocare Distributor or an AdvoCare Advisor you should stop now and contact them so you can join their AdvoCare team.  If you don't have a current AdvoCare sponsor we would love to fill that role and promise to only contact you as determined by you.  We have been AdvoCare Advisors since 2010 and have taken the 24 Day Challenge and Herbal cleanse once each year with great results so we can answer any questions you may have and help you achieve your weight loss goals as necessary.  We will get an email following your first order and will follow up with you via EMAIL ONLY so that you have our contact info.


Becoming an AdvoCare Distributor Step 5


STEP 5: Once you get your AdvoCare online ID via an automated email you simply login to your own AdvoCare distributor site and when you buy the 24 day challenge or any other AdvoCare products the pricing you will see will be at your 20% off distributor pricing.  It's a few steps but it really is quick and simple and worth the effort to get the 20 percent discount.  If you have any problems with the process outline above please use the Contact Us information and either call us or email and we will help you become an AdvoCare distributor and perhaps for some an AdvoCare Advisor one day.

Best Regards,

Jill & Chris Champlin

AdvoCare hits 300,000 Distributor Milestone in 2013

AdvoCare announced in April 2013 they had reached an important milestone for the first time by having more than 300,000 active Distributors or Advisors.  Why is this milestone important?   Lots of reasons come to mind.  The share magnitude of 300,000 distributors selling AdvoCare products shows the depth and breadth of the company's success and stability.  If the companies wellness and weight loss products weren't delivering great results on not being well received by customers it's highly unlikely the number of AdvoCare Distributors along with annual sales volume would continue to grow at such strong rates.

We sometimes get searches for phrases such as "Is AdvoCare a Scam" or "Is AdvoCare a Pyramid scheme" and while we address those questions at the links above we'd like to take this opportunity to also mention here that it goes against common sense for AdvoCare to be able to reach this milestone and retain so many of their distributors if the company was tied to a scam or a scheme.   Likewise we could point out that AdvoCare is used and endorsed by too many professional and Olympic athletes to count.

Additionally AdvoCare also relatively recently became a major sponsor of NASCAR with it's own car, the #3 car, and the primary sponsor of the NASCAR AdvoCare 500 race in Atlanta in September.  It's hard to imagine a company associated with any type of a scam being a major sponsor in one of the most popular sports in the US.  As for Pryamid scheme yes AdvoCare sells it's products through an individual distributor network versus direct in stores but that does not make AdvoCare a Pyramid scheme.  It simply puts their marketing and sales methods in the same group as well know companies such as Tupperware, Pampered Chef and a host of other household names that use the direct sales marketing approach.

Many AdvoCare distributors are initially introduced to Advo products via the popular 24 Day Challenge Diet and would not continue to use the products or become sellers of AdvoCare if they didn't get results and believe in the products.  For all of these reasons and more hitting the 300,000 milestone of people actively distributing AdvoCare supplements is truly a major accomplishment.  If your thinking of joining then check out this free information on how to become an AdvoCare Distributor.  If you'd like to talk to someone before you make any decisions to sign up and join please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to share our positive 24-day challenge experience. 

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