Coffee and the 24 day challenge

Box of AdvoCare CoffeccinoThis is a question we get frequently, both via web searches and in person when we discuss the benefits of the AdvoCare weight loss program.   AdvoCare is about much more than their 24day challenge but because it's how the bulk of people are first introduced to the AdvoCare diet and weight loss products it's not surprising it's also a source for a ton of questions.  It's also not surprising that coffee and beer and wine are among the top "Can I drink" questions we received.  Coffee especially is near and dear to the hearts of many working adults, myself included, and difficult to imagine for some to start a morning without.  To answer the question of, "Can I drink coffee while on the 24 day challenge?" we first need to qualify the answer by breaking the 24 days of the challenge into it's 2 parts. 

The first part of the 24 day diet is known as the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse.  We won't go into the details of each here as we provide these links can take you to more information about each part of the 24 day diet phases.  The second is called the 14 day AdvoCare Max phase where you start taking more of the Advocare weight loss products.    It's the first phase of the AdvoCare Challenge that is mostly concerned with the topic of coffee.  The whole point of he Advocare Cleanse is to break you of bad habits, change your diet and prepare your body for optimal absorption of the weight loss supplements beginning in phase two or 14 day challenge.

Coffee is not only controversial because people NEED it but also because many people know that caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant.  One of the main goals of the 10 day cleanse is to eliminate the in take of sugar.  So many average dieters eat way too much sugar in the form of

soft drinks, processed food, cereals, candies and too many other sources to mention.   While not all people add sugar or heavy cream to coffee many do.  It's also not just the sugar or cream that's the primary driver for the recommendation to avoid coffee during the 10 day cleanse diet it's also about changing your normal routine and exploring other possibilities.  Some avid coffee drinkers of course enjoy the spike or stimulus that coffee provides but also complain that it's short lived and sometimes results in a crash.  Likewise drinking too much coffee throughout the day can lead to anxiety or increased stress levels.  Coffee also has some other downsides in the professional workplace,  coffee breath and yellow teeth. 

If you're still reading and contemplating if you can actually give up coffee for 10 days stay with us for another minute as we introduce AdvoCare's coffee substitute Coffeccino.  This coffee flavored drink is very similar to the AdvoCare Spark caffeine and vitamin loaded family of fruit flavored energy drinks.  Spark is allowed in the 10 day challenge and of all of AdvoCare's products it's is hands down the favorite among all customer.  This power packed energy drink has over 100 mg of caffeine but also comes loaded with B vitamins and other nutrients and delivers a sustained energy level for both physical activity and mental alertness.   Give AdvoCare Spark or Coffecino a try for the first two days of the challenge and if you still don't think you can make it 10 days without coffee then go ahead and have it but with milk only!  It's better that you do the challenge and keep coffee as your little perk than not to take the 24 day challenge at all.  It's all about making commitment and positive changes to help you in your weight loss goals and lifestyle change possible by following the AdvoCare diet program.

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