How much does it cost to sigh up as an AdvoCare distributor to get a 20% discount?

Shows box of free AdvoCare samples included in Distributor KitThis is a very common question.  The short answer is that it costs only $79.00 to sign up and become an official distributor of AdvoCare.  If you are considering making a positive change by taking the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, especially with a spouse or a relative, it's a complete no-brainer to become a distributor PRIOR to ordering your 24 day challenge starter kit?   It's simple math... the one time $79.00 distributor fee gets you 20% of the normal online ordering price for your initial order and any subsequent orders for the entire year.

Here's an example.  Husband and wife get motivated and look to make a commitment to their health for just barely more than 3 weeks, 24 days... they place an order for 2 24 day challenge bundles with a retail price of $190.25 each for a total of $380.50 at the same time they pay the $79.00 one time distributor fee.   That makes their purchase, which would have totaled $380.50, only $304.00 after the 20% distributor discount is applied.  In this scenario all but a few dollars are recouped on the first order.  If they were to add some Catalyst, a typical companion product to the 24 day challenge kit they would save even more than the distributor fee charge.  Even if you are only buying for yourself if you are serious about a positive change and plan to continue to use AdvoCare weight loss products after the 24 day challenge you should consider signing up as a distributor so you can get the %20 discount on future orders.  Catalyst, the great tasting shakes, protein bars and especially AdvoCare Spark are popular reorder items from 24day challenge winners.

Plus you get $50 worth of free Advocare samples and the Advocare Distributor kit.  And if you like the products and decide after your successful weight loss from the 24 day challenge diet that you'd like to share these awesome, scientifically engineered health products with your friends and family you can work towards becoming and AdvoCare Advisor.  Advisor status can be achieved by anyone in less than 2 months and doesn't require you to sign up a bunch of friends and family.  It does however involve a sizable investment in AdvoCare product and only makes sense if you are committed to a positive change.  Once you become an AdvoCare adviser you are entitled to a 40% discount on all AdvoCare fitness products.  You can also earn money as a distributor and even more as an Advisor but even if you decide not to share the products or business opportunity with anyone else you still come out ahead just based on your initial savings from your first order.   If this sounds like something that you'd like to consider then follow these simple instructions that will walk you step by step through the 5 minute process on how to become an Advocare Distributor.

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