24 Day Challenge Tips

AdvoCare 14 Day Max Explained

The AdvoCare 14 Day Max phase is the last 2 weeks of the 24 Day Challenge.  This phase follows up the 10 Day cleanse phase which, if you followed the guidelines, should have your body in an ultimate position to absorb nutrients and support slow but steady weight loss while at the same time begin to add lean muscle mass.  It's important in this 14 Day phase that you continue to follow the AdvoCare guidelines for food intake and drink plenty of water while adding your MSN supplements.  While some people may not see weight loss during the first 10 days of the AdvoCare challenge the vast majority should see 1-2 pounds start to drop off every couple of days.  This of course assumes you are following the guidelines and not cheating yourself.

At the end of the AdvoCare 14 day max phase most people report more energy, healthy weight loss and reduced cravings for past vices and stronger ability to refrain from bad habits.  At this point some people will recognize the benefits of the AdvoCare supplements and wellness products and choose to continue with the program with specific products that have worked for them.  Others, even those who saw good results, may choose to go back to their bad habbits and poor food choices and infrequent workouts.  For those folks at least they made an attempt took a challenge and perhaps lost a dress size or a notch or 2 in the belt.  The real winners are those that can see and feel the AdvoCare benefits and choose to see what another 30 days or 12 months of using AdvoCare products can continue to do for them.  Being fit and healthy, especially for those of us over 40 requires discipline and not everyone wants to make the choices consistently to get the most out of their only body.  Which category you fall in is entirely in your hands.  Good luck with your pursuits!


24 Day Challenge Tip Number 1

Tip number 1 is to help you get through the first 3 days (and the last 3) of the 10 day cleanse phase.  Your first experience with AdvoCare products, after receiving your 24 Day Challenge bundle will be the first morning of day 1.  The very first thing you need to do when you wake up and are ready to being your journey to improved health is to drink the AdvoCare Fiber Drink.  This isn't like a garden variety Metamucil type drink.  Make no mistake this is a hardcore, this stuff really must work, type of a fiber drink.  It's thick, pulpy and in all honesty doesn't taste very good but don't fret there is a very quick simple solution.  Read this 24 Day Challenge Tip #1 blog post to get the skinny on how to make your first experience with AdvoCare products a good one.

24 Day Challenge Tip Number 2

So tip number 2 is also related to the AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse drink (aka Fiber drink).  We have them broken into separate tips for 2 reasons.  First it took us two painful days to figure out the hard way and second for some people they may not want to combine both tips, perhaps to keep the volume of water required to get the drink down to a smaller amount.  Given that you should be drinking as much water as you can manage (a Gallon a day) I would think most people will like tip number 1 but perhaps not.  Read this 24 Day Challenge Tip #2 blog post to know how to enhance tip #1 and get your morning started off with a quick Spark!

Challenge Tip Number 3

This tip is simple, short and sweet and geared toward 24 Day diet participants who are also working out after dinner or those that need something in their stomachs before they go to bed.  It's not an earth shattering tip and one that many AdvoCare coaches might prescribe but it's still worth sharing. 

During our third 24 day challenge in the past 2 years we also started doing P90X workouts at night, following digesting dinner, which is a demanding workout that burns calories and fatigues the body.  Following the more aggressive workouts I was craving food but not wanting to eat late.  I ended up going with an AdvoCare protein shake about 30 minutes after the workout and a quick shower just before I bonked. 

OK so a protein shake after a workout just by itself isn't much of a tip so here's the twist.  While I was indeed working out hard and my body welcomed the protein I was also trying to lose weight and fat and didn't necessarily want all the calories that late at night.  So what I did was dump the AdvoCare protein shake contents into a small bowl and only used half at night and saved the other have for the next night or a light snack during the day.  I found once I had half I was content and good get a good night's sleep but still manage to shave off an extra 100 calories.  It's worked and I'm down to my lowest weight and in the best shape of my life at 46. 

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