24 Day Challenge Diet

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Diet Program

In this section we provide relevant information to the 24 day diet challenge or trim weight loss guide and products.  While the 24 day challenge is more than just a diet following the eating guidelines and exercise recommendations is key to maximizing your weight reduction goals.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Cost

In this post we answer more than just the simple question of How much does the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge cost? We go beyond the retail dollar amount of the 24 day bundle and provide both the distributor cost and the advisor cost as well as telling you how you can be eligible to receive these AdvoCare wholesale customer discounted pricing.  Additionally we'll also give some examples of how you might actually spend less money than you normally would for the 24 days you are taking the AdvoCare challenge.  Yes save money and this INCLUDES the money you spent on the 24 day challenge bundle.  So first we'll break down the pricing and then clue you in to why it might not be an additional cost or represent any increase to your normal monthly spending budget. 

As of July 2013 the 24 Day Challenge Diet Kit retails for $188.25 or $190.25 depending on the vitamin package you chose.  Anyone can buy the 24 day diet kit at this retail price at anytime just like you would buy anything else online.  AdvoCare only sells through distributors and doesn't sell anything direct but as a retail customer you can buy AdvoCare products online from any distributor and get your products shipped out the very same day.   This option might be good for someone who wants to take the AdvoCare Challenge on their own and just wants to make a quick purchase and doesn't care about the cost. 

If you are going to take the challenge with a spouse or friend, and we strongly suggest you do, then you need to do yourself a favor and take the time to become an AdvoCare Distributor so you can get a 20% discount.  The onetime $79 distributor fee almost pays for itself on your first order PLUS it comes with $50 of free AdvoCare products and then if you like any of the AdvoCare products you will be able to get a 20% discount on ALL of your future orders for a full year.  It's a No-brainer!  Lastly if someone you know happens to see your great results and wants to take the challenge they can sign up under you as a distributor and you can them a great discount as well as make a few bucks yourself on anything they purchase.  It's a can't lose proposition if you are going to buy two 24 Day Diet Cleanse kits. 

The best discount possible on AdvoCare products is when you become an AdvoCare advisor.  This option only makes sense if you are organizing a large challenge and plan to do it with 5 or 6 of your family, friends or co-wokers OR if you are interested in the AdvoCare business opportunity  and plan to use the products as a regular supplement to your normal diet.  Once you become an AdvoCare Advisor you will get %40 off on all of your future orders and you can begin to earn money in additional ways.  While AdvoCare can represent a great business opportunity for some it's really their products and the success that people have using them that's responsible for AdvoCare's growth.

Now that we've covered the actual costs of the 24 day challenge bundles and how you can save 20-40 percent off retail prices when you buy online we'll briefly discuss why your monthly budget can likely absorb the cost of the challenge kit without additional out of pocket expense.  Please indulge us for a minute while we explain our point.  If you were to pay $175 for a new Blue Ray player one month that would indeed be over and above your normal monthly budget but when you buy the AdvoCare Challenge Kit you are actually getting product that replaces other purchases you would make during those 3 weeks.  Also because you will most likely be changing your eating, drinking and entertainment habits while you are taking the challenge you could even see a decrease in your monthly spending budget.  Answer a few of these questions honestly...

  • Do you eat fast food more than once a week?
  • Do you get coffee or fancy drinks from Starbucks?
  • Do you drink wine or beer frequently? 
  • Do you eat out for dinner at least once a week?

If you answered 'Yes' to 3 of the questions above you might find that even the retail price of the kit might be a wash when you add everything up after you complete the 24 Day diet.  The first phase of the challenge is a 10 day cleanse during which you take a special combination of fiber and pro-biotics and you also give up alcohol, coffee and sweets so your body can purge itself of toxins and be in an optimal state to absorb nutrients in the 14 day post cleanse phase.  If you take the 24 day diet program seriously you will without a doubt save money by giving up costly 'treats' and processed foods.

So if you're still reading at this point you might come up with another excuse... maybe you are  afraid of commitment or resist change or your simply unmotivated but saying the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge cost to much doesn't hold too much water as a viable excuse.


AdvoCare 24 Day Cleanse

Visual for 24 Day Cleanse BundleWe get lots of search queries from Bing and Yahoo that contain the search terms 24 Day Cleanse so we thought we'd provide some clarification on AdvoCare's 24 Day Diet program and what it consists of.  While technically the 24 day AdvoCare diet is broken down into 2 phases, the first of which is only a 10 Day Cleanse and the second a 14 Day diet phase, it might be reasonable for some people to think of the entire AdvoCare challenge as a 24 day cleanse.  While most of the searches have likely heard of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and are mistakenly substituting cleanse for challenge the 24 day cleanse description does make some sense for those that will be making extreme changes to their diet during the entire challenge and thereby continuing to cleanse their body after the initial 10 day colon cleanse completes.

We also receive inquiries for a 14 Day cleanse and an AdvoCare 21 Day cleanse which really doesn't make sense.  The bottom line is that the 24 Day Challenge diet does include a 10 day cleanse phase and for those looking for an extended cleanse will continue to see benefit if they follow this weight loss program and avoid bad habits.  

We've also heard of really determined people looking to maximize their cleanse results doing the 10 day cleanse back to back with only a few days off in between.  As the AdvoCare cleanse comes with all the Fiber, probiotics and ingredients for a full 10 days you can simply buy 2 and use the rinse and repeat approach.  While this is not recommended as the normal recipe for the 24 Day Challenge diet program the cleanse itself is very mild and safe so again it could be an option for those feeling they need a double flush :).  Using this method with four days of exercise and clean eating in between each AdvoCleanse phase you could easily create a 24 day cleanse.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Diet Explained

The 24-Day Challenge Diet isn't a diet per say but rather a comprehensive weight loss program to get you started on the road to better overall health.  Most people don't just do AdvoCare for the first 24 days of their diet and stop cold turkey.   If you are looking for some easy 3 week program to lose weight magically then then AdvoCare's 24 Day diet program is NOT for you.  If you however are looking for a controlled and effective way to break some of your existing bad habits and get started down the road to better health and fitness you should continue reading. 

The 24 Day Challenge weight loss program is meant to jump start your efforts to lose weight and feel better but it's intended to be a primer for continued changes and health benefits and not something you do once or twice for 24 days and then go back to your old routine.  The first 24 days of the diet or better health program consists of 2 phases.  The first is the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse phase which aims to get your body in an optimal position to lose weight and absorb nutrients.  The second is the 14 Day Max phase where you start to take AdvoCare MSN vitamins and appetite control products. 

In both of these phases of the 24 Day Challenge Diet you are following food intake guidelines, watching calorie consumption avoiding or limiting alcohol and exercising moderately but regularly.  So is it a 24 day diet or not?  Well again it isn't a strict diet per say where your forced to eat very specific meals or only certain foods or a certain calorie amount per day.  Rather it's a comprehensive program where you break habits during the first 10 days and then take AdvoCare supplements during the next 14 days all the while following good common sense dieting guidelines like eating low calorie, low carb meals frequently, drinking plenty of water and walking or another cardiovascular activity such as swimming or biking.  So yes it is a diet but it's one where the rules are flexible and they key is the supporting framework that allows you to slowly and safely loose weight without feeling like you can't continue.   AdvoCare's 24 day diet is sometimes called a 24 day cleanse but as described above it's actually broken up into 2 separate phases only the first of which is an actual ten day cleanse phase.

AdvoCare has a vast array of products that support weight loss, lean muscle building and increased energy.  AdvoCare is not predominately a diet pill company but some of it's vitamins and supplements do contain appetite suppressants to help curb cravings and make it easier to follow the recommended diet and usage of the AdvoCare muscle building meal replacement and healthy snack products.

One of AdvoCare's newest products that is specifically an herbal and mineral dietary supplement or diet pill is called LeptiLean.  LeptiLean is a premium weight management product for those struggling to control portion size and appetite.  It boots your metabolism while providing a feeling of fullness and satiety.  While LeptiLean may be a great weight loss diet pill it is not part of the 24 Day Challenge Bundle and many people that enjoy success from using AdvoCare products may not purchase this particular diet pill.

Read this post and thread for another discussion and independent review on AdvoCare products and people's experience with them.

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